www.ricerepairs.com www.ricepropulsion.com BACKGROUND With the rise in metal prices, propeller repair has become an economic necessity. The increase in repair demand, including a contract with the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) to repair its propellers, speaks highly of the confidence our clients have in the quality of our repair services, therefore, we decided to create new facilities and infrastructure exclusively for this purpose. MISSION To repair bronze propellers with the same quality standards that distinguish all the products we manufacture and repair that meet or exceed our clients’ requirements. VISION To turn our new facilities into the spearhead for this new market that opens up before us, and to become the leaders in the area of marine repairs. QUALITY POLICY At RICE REPAIRS we’re committed to repair bronze propellers that meet or exceed our clients’ requirements, guaranteeing our repair quality and continually improving the efficiency of our processes and quality systems. OBJECTIVES To deliver our repairs on time with the optimum required quality, while meeting international norms established for the repair of marine propellers. SERVICES WE OFFER Repair of propellers that meet established international norms, while offering the following services: Main dimensions readings. Pitch modifications Static or dynamic balancing, as needed Dye check (NDT) Analysis tests of chemical and mechanical properties Cleaning Manufacture of graftings. Regeneration of damaged areas by welding or grafting (if required) Straightening of battered areas Blade shape modifications (open wheel to nozzle application and vice versa) On site urgent repairs to large vessels’ propellers such as tankers, cruise ships, etc … REPAIR PROCESS Repairs may be done at our plant or on site. A preliminary diagnostictest is done of the condition of the propeller, to determine the best work strategy to use according to the damage or modification to be done, which may include: Pitch correction, thicknesses, widths, implants, balancing, etc. PROPELLER TYPES THAT WE REPAIR We can repair any design of blades and propellers in today’s market. INFRASTRUCTURE Our new facilities cover an area of more than 11,000 square feet. We have all the necessary equipment to maneuver, weld, balance, and modify propellers that weigh up to 10 tons, as well as highly-skilled personnel with ample experience in the manufacture and repair of propellers. EQUIPMENT WE USE We use advanced technology in tools and measuring equipment to diagnose and repair propellers, such as the spectrum that helps identify the alloys, digital pitch meters, gauges, CNC and digital lathes, stress release, and static and dynamic balancing. CAPABILITIES At RICE REPAIRS we employ highly qualified staff to repair, recondition and modify propellers up to 10 tons of weight, resulting in better performance and fuel savings. SPECIALIZED WORKFORCE Our staff has the approval of different classification societies to ensure the professional-quality work that distinguishes the RICE REPAIRS brand. We use state-of-the-art technology and highly-specialized staff to make our repair processes more efficient and precise. MATERIALS AND ALLOYS We repair bronze, nibral, aqualloy and stainless steel propellers. We use the right weld according to the alloy of your propeller to assure the proper adhesion with the adequate mechanical properties. The alloys that we offer are: ALLOY TABLE FROM INTERACTIVE CD ADDED VALUE At RICE REPAIRS we’re experienced in the manufacture and welding of graftings, making this process more efficient compared to the normal process of filling-in completely with weld. Moreover, our repairs may be certified by any classification society if so required by our client. EXPERIENCE We have 50 years’ experience in both the manufacture and repair of propellers. QUALITY STANDARDS Our repairs are controlled by international standards ISO 484 Class S, I and II , and repair methods endorsed by various certification agencies such as DNV, ABS, Lloyd’s Register, CCS, Germanisher Lloyd’s, RINA and Bureau Veritas. TECHNICAL INFORMATION WEB PAGE WWW.RICEPROPULSION.COM SATISFIED CUSTOMERS We have a long track record of satisfied clients that have trusted us to restore their propellers to their original working condition or increase their efficiency, to mention a few: United States Coast Guard (USCG) Dragas Mexicanas SA de CV (DRAGAMEX) Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) among many others. CONTACT US: RICE REPAIRS: Calle Puerto Topolobampo #1004, Parque Industrial Alfredo V. Bonfil, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico 82050. PH: (669) 118-0801 Fax: (669) 118-0799 Our e-mail address: rice@ricepropulsion.com Sitio desarrollado por: Linea02.com